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Dave Houlihan, Managing Director 

MBA, MEmMgmt
027 566 5582

Dave is passionate about community resilience and the services that Business Management Consultancy offers.

Throughout his career, he has provided advice, support, and consultancy services to governmental and non-governmental agencies, and emergency response, business continuity, risk management and strategic planning resources for a vast range of businesses and not for profits.

Dave is a strong strategic thinker, and has a deep understanding of current legislation, as well as extensive experience in policy development and implementation.

Dave is experienced in the field of fire safety and building evacuation planning, and volunteers for the fire service.

“I like to focus on solutions for my clients, using my extensive knowledge of technologies and procedures, and expertise in all areas of business including management and reporting, staff training, development and performance management, and development of people, processes and operational systems.”


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Alana Young, Senior Consultant  

Direct: 027 364 5633

Alana works with our clients to align their business administration processes with their strategic direction, and ensures that the business administration functions are set up to work effectively during a disaster. 

Alana has a strong background in business administration systems including Human Resources, Health and Safety, Risk Management and Accounting.

She is a specialist in the implementation of Enable HR products, providing valuable advice and HR, health and safety management solutions to our clients.

Alana is a certified Xero Partner and a member of the New Zealand Bookkeepers Association.

“I really enjoy bringing innovative and strategic thinking to my client’s projects, and applying best practice appropriate to the client’s industry.”

Contact Alana on


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Pooja Kulkarni, Senior Consultant  

M.Sc. EmMgmt
Direct: 0276 253 709

Pooja is passionate about disaster risk reduction and community resilience building. Her work and experience focus on various sector of disaster management including Business continuity planning, Public Health and disaster economics. After working in South-Asia and South-East Asia, she is eager to get New Zealand experience and expand her knowledge on emergency management. 

Pooja holds three Bachelors degree in Life Sciences, Education and Music and a Master’s Degree in Disaster Risk Management with specialization in Public Health and Geographical Information System.


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Shayne Robinson, Senior Consultant  

Direct: 0212 866 574

Shayne is  highly  skilled, as he comes to Npower with a background in Fire Protection Building fire alarm systems along with Evacuation planning  . He enjoys a challenge along with attaining  goals for his clients; He actively contributes to clients solutions who are  looking  for continuous improvement and quality of systems  Shayne along with Dave are currently Volunteers with Fire Emergency New Zealand  serving the community in the Nth Canterbury area.


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Dominic Houlihan, Senior Consultant  

Direct: 027 876 7090

Dominic’s passion for health and safety comes not only from his background in psychology but his hands on experience in the boning rooms of the lamb and beef industries.He has personally seen accidents emerging from the addition of new safety equipment, where appropriate training has not been given and risks have increased.