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“Think about WHY you do what you do first, then how you do it and lastly describe what it is that you do” – Simon Sinek (The Golden circle)

helps drive consistent HR processes and records management across all Australian and New Zealand business units. This powerful HR solution improves efficiency providing greater compliance, transparency and business protection. Backed by lawyers, built by practitioners, enableHR harnesses the flexibility, scale and reach of the cloud platform to support the delivery of best practice HR and WHS processes. With a deliberately simple interface the enableHR experience is engaging, unintimidating and intuitive, encouraging completion and recording of tasks that promotes maximum protection and compliance with less effort, less training, greater efficiency, better results.

Transform your business with enableHR. Built by lawyers and trusted by over 10,000 businesses in Australasia since 2006, enableHR is a cloud based Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that will transform your business.

Simplify Workforce management with minimum risk and maximum reward. Through enableHR’s centralised cloud-based platform, your HR service delivery is enhanced with controls, consistency and compliance driven frameworks.